Kenyan Sign Language: an introduction




Abstract: A language is a system of communication used by a particular country or community. There is communication where people involved are able to understand each other and pass message the same way others can do. Sign language is just like any other language so no language is better than the other. Broadly defined, communication for deaf individuals occurs through visual, auditory or tactile modes (for individuals who are deafblind). Common visual communication modes include American Sign Language (ASL), Cued Speech, speech reading (lip reading), and gestures. Augmentative and alternative communication is a term used by deaf people to communicate. In the video i presented, i presented four themes; The term deaf, Types of deaf, what causes hearing impairment, characteristics of deaf, difficulties of a deaf person and what should you not say to a deaf person. In the first theme i illustrated what the term deaf means lacking power of hearing or hearing impairment. In the second i talked about types of deaf where we have profound deaf, deaf and dumb and deaf blind. The third theme i talked about causes of hearing impairment which is -Aging. Degeneration of inner ear structures occurs over time, Loud noise. Exposure to loud sounds can damage the cells of your inner ear, Damage can occur with long-term exposure to loud noises, or from a short blast of noise, such as from a gunshot, Heredity. Your genetic makeup may make you more susceptible to ear damage from sound or deterioration from aging, Occupational noises. Jobs where loud noise is a regular part of the working environment, such as farming, construction or factory work, can lead to damage inside your ear, Recreational noises. Exposure to explosive noises, such as from firearms and jet engines, can cause immediate, permanent hearing loss. Other recreational activities with dangerously high noise levels include snowmobiling, motorcycling, carpentry or listening to loud music and Some medications. Drugs such as the antibiotic gentamicin, sildenafil (Viagra) and certain chemotherapy drugs, can damage the inner ear. The fourth theme is about characteristics of deaf which is cannot respond when called from behind, Can become easily frustrated if their needs are not met. The fifth i talked about difficulties of deaf which includes Fewer educational and job opportunities due to impaired communication and Some difficulty in socializing. Then finally i illustrated things you shouldn't say to a deaf person like you don't look deaf, can you lip read and I'm sorry you are deaf. Therefore there are many things that people who doesn't socialize with deaf people doesn't know about them. Some tend to talk normally with a deaf person as expecting them to communicate like others not knowing the only way to communicate to a deaf person is through sign language. Deaf community in kenya communicates through Sign language.

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Gladis Achieng , Kenyatta University.

I am an undergraduate student at Kenyatta University. I am hearing impaired(deaf) coming from a humble background. My hometown is Mombasa. I am currently studying bachelor of education special needs combination of subjects is Mathematics and business.




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